Choose. Create. Generate.


New to Mash:it? This is how easy it is!

mash:it offers you a tool to try out and play around with different fonts and colors, just for fun or before you embed them in your own web designs. Style your headings and p-tags like never before!

And best of all - it's ALL FOR FREE! If you never have used it before, check out the 3 quick steps below and you'll be ready to rock in no time!



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Which template do you choose today? Is it the start page, or maybe an underpage?

Step 1. Choose a template!

Pick a template you wish to personalize. Choose between a first pager or sub-pages. The option is yours!

Step 2. Create - mix colors and fonts!

Generate color palettes and fonts and click and style the elements to preview the result.

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Start having fun with color and fonts. Only your imagination sets the limits!

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Output your masterpiece to CSS-code. Voilá, you're done!

Step 3. Generate CSS!

Make sure you get the most out of your mash:it and generate your styling to useful CSS-code. Let's get started!

ABOUT mash:it;

mash:it is a web service that is produced and run by three 2nd year students at the Bachelor program Information Architect at Malmo University. The aim is to provide a tool for anyone who enjoys web development, either on a professional level or just for fun. Credits to Colourlovers community and Start Bootstrap.

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Favourite font: Lily Script One

Favourite hex: #1E7B82

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Favourite font: Lobster

Favourite hex: #222222

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Favourite font: Arizonia

Favourite hex: #000000

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